College Facility

The College Library is maintaining high standards. The total number of books in the library is only near about 4500 with 950 titles. The library contains text books on ‘Education’ as well as other subjects, reference books (Dictionaries, Encyclopaedias on different subjects, Atlas etc.) and general books. The library subscribes to 14 different Journals on Education, Environmental Science and other Science & Arts subjects. The collection also includes back volumes of Journals, Magazines, Career guidance books and News bulletins about employment. Apart from the borrowing facility, the library has reading room facilities also. The students are totally dependent upon the library for their requirement related to B.Ed course and the collection is sufficient to support their needs. The library of the college also includes 106 educational CDs from different subject also
The College has a modern computer lab. It keep pace with the information Technology as it is evolving at such a fast pace. Systems are updated regularly All computers are multimedia ready and are networked to scanners & printers, with Broadband Internet facility. Internet can be used to get ideas & knowledge related with subjects. This helps them to prepare their presentations, dissertations and projects Information Communication & Technical Resource centre is equipped with computers with all necessary configuration of modern age. The resource centre is also equipped with over head projector, film slide projector, mirror slide projectors, digital light projector, television, Digital camera, DVD player & BSNL Broad Band Connection for Students.
Attached to the college is a psychology laboratory equipped with various psychological tests (verbal and non-verbal and performance), apparatus for testing and guidance. The student teachers have the benefit of receiving training in testing and guidance. A fully equipped Psychology Laboratory is available in the College building. This lab provides various Psychology test for students. It has various Psychological Tests including the Intelligence Tests, Aptitude tests, Creativity Test, Personality Scales, Attitude tests and Interest Inventories etc.
The College has a Social Studies Lab which is equipped from the point of view of practical work, demonstrations, outdoor activities and cartographical exercises to be undertaken by the students. Social Science Resource centre helps student to learn about society; about culture and traditions of society. Social Science Resource Centre is equipped with charts, models, globe, maps, pictures, graphs & other Resource material related to social science to study.
Keeping in view the all round development of the students; there is a Sports room. Various equipments and accessories for Indoor as well as outdoor games are available in the room. With view to develop the all round personality of students, the college gives equal importance to sports and cultural activities. The management is keen to see that the students grow physically, mentally, intellectually and morally. It has a large sports ground and pavilion along with a 400 meters area which includes running tracks, cricket, football volleyball, kho-kho and other outdoor games.
Good trained teacher with extra-curricular activity like workshop, seminar and exhibition in our college campus on craft and art by eminent artist. To promote the skill learning by doing an art and craft resource centre has been established. The room is equipped with material for charts and models making moulds for candle making & chalk making paper cutting pot decorating essential material for interior decoration preparing best out of waste etc.