Vision & Mission


  • To provide a distinct environment of excellence in education with social commitment and humane values.
  • To provide competency to pupil-teachers for meeting social, economic and academic needs of the society.
  • To prepare teachers who integrate technology in education to excel other in their profession and prove to be worthy citizens of India.

  • To develop knowledge citizens with multi-disciplinary global competencies.
  • To nurture the students with ennobling virtues of truth, fairness, tolerance and co-operation.
  • To promote a sense of appreciation of traditional and cultural inheritance of the nation.
  • To create and maintain an environment of excellence in Education.
  • To provide life skills towards a successful career, home and society./li>


  • Trust in Divinity
  • Foster Integrity
  • Acquire Competencies
  • Strive for Excellence
  • Serve the Society/li>